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Sound Healing
with Alchemy Crystal Bowls

Daily Monday thru Friday 5:30 pm
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Birth chart Reading

Receive and Release

Through deep listening, we receive the sound frequencies created by the Crystal Bowls deep into all aspects of our being. They create sine waves to penetrate deep into the cellular structure of our body, and open channels to release what is no longer needed and open us to receive divinity. This vibrational medicine assists us in expanding and elevating into many realms beyond and including our physical body, creating aliveness in our inner world. The vast realm of source and spirit becomes available to us.


Awakening welcomes us home to our authentic selves. 

After the bowls are played for about 45 minutes we take a few minutes in silence to settle and feel the aliveness as the vibrational energy flows within our bodies and beings. 



As we share our experience in the group we further integrate it, bringing our authentic experience into group consciousness, creating belonging.

Energy Exchange: 

Drop-in - $20 

Monthly membership - $100

Private Session - $160

Private Small Group Session - $300

Available for select occasions and private sessions

Book an Appointment with Donna

Tel: 510.524.3778
201C N Mount Shasta Blvr,
Mount Shasta, CA, 96067

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